Working with Duffy

Working with Duffy

Team Construction Approach in Chicago

Working with Duffy

Whether we work as general contractors, construction managers or design-builders, we are dedicated to achieving a consistently high level of value in all we do. Our customers appreciate this in addition to our team construction approach.

That’s easy to say – and even easier to prove:

  • An overwhelming majority of the square footage we’ve built or renovated over the past 2 decades has been done for satisfied, repeat clients.
  • We usually save our clients a significant amount of their projected construction costs by working with them and their architects, partnering, before we start constructing the building— a specific example of our team construction approach in our Chicago area projects.
  • Our change order rate, excluding owner-directed upgrades, stands at zero for many of our projects. This is based on our Team pre-construction efforts to control costs and reduce the duration of construction.

We adhere to the philosophy that over the life of the building we build for you, quality is a cost-effective investment.

Our involvement with YOU and your architect, which begins long before your groundbreaking, is a Joseph J. Duffy Co. hallmark.

It becomes a significant and noticeable difference. We don’t just work with you and your architect. We partner with both of you in an evaluation engineering process that’s designed to reduce cost and maximize efficiency – without ignoring or sacrificing design, functionality or quality considerations. This is why Joseph J. Duffy Co. is known for having one of the best construction team approaches in this area.

In our experience, many architects appreciate this process because it integrates construction and local market knowledge with planning and design at the best possible time: when modifications, changes and improvements can be made on paper, rather than with concrete and steel. This team construction approach is valued in Chicago, and it’s what makes our firm stand out.

Our objective is to maximize the efficiency of every dollar you invest in your project, which is made possible not only by having the best construction team approach in the Midwest. We have other specialized methods, as well. To analyze all the project’s line entry costs, highest to lowest, we use our comprehensive cost reference file to measure and identify items which should be market-priced or priced according to specifications. This thorough, computer-based analysis – completed before construction  — ensures that the cost of your project is appropriate to the market. It also helps you re-allocate construction dollars to maximize their value to the finished project.