KLEO Art Residences Approaching Completion

KLEO Art Residences Approaching Completion


The KLEO Art Residences, a Safeway- JJ Duffy Joint Venture, is nearly finished and is about to introduce a different type of affordable housing complex to the community. The project will provide amenities such as art/performance studios to facilitate the artistic talents of the residents. Currently we are finishing the landscaping and adding the finishing touches to the apartments and community areas, and applying for final approvals. The result is an environment to encourage and nourish the creative talents of the residents of the area- a benefit for all. Below are examples of what is to come:

      Outside view of building    Kitchen

                         View From Garfield Blvd.                                             Typical Kitchen Area


    Corner View of building    Building

                             Another View                                                 West Elevation & Landscaping