Joesph J. Duffy Co. Continues to Go Green(er)

Joesph J. Duffy Co. Continues to Go Green(er)


Current Projects — Green Initiatives 

Hope Manor II — Worn Jerabek Architects, LLC designed this 2 & 3 story, 37 unit, high performance building to reduce energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution and increase indoor air quality.

Utilizes the IHDA GREEN INITATIVE & DECO Programs

 Solar thermal domestic hot water system   

Energy efficient appliance & fixtures 

Certified Energy Star New Homes Program 


Porta Coeli — Designed by Harley Ellis Devereaux, this 4 story, 86 unit building utilizes the Chicago Green Homes Program. 

Solar thermal domestic hot water system

Including 50% Green Roof

Low VOC Materials 

Energy efficient appliances & fixtures

Conservation of existing green areas & open spaces

 Exhaust Recovery Ventilation (ERV) System